#95: Sam Joly, Head of Marketing & Publicity at See-Saw Films

This week’s interview was a real treat to record. Sam Joly, my guest, radiates joy and positivity, but what I got from this chat is the sense that that’s a choice and one that sometimes takes work and so I hope you come away from it with a smile, but also a sense of how you can celebrate your personal achievements and maybe make that choice too.

Sam is Head of Marketing and Publicity at the film and television production house See-Saw Films. These are the folks that made The King’s Speech, Lion, Widows, Macbeth, Ammonite, Slow West, Top of the Lake, State of the Union and more recently Jane Campion’s ferocious gothic Western The Power of the Dog and Andrew Haigh’s riveting TV series The North Water. 

Sam started her career in documentary television before joining See-Saw in 2011 where she worked her way up from assistant. 

We spoke about many things to do with marketing such as poster design, creating trailers, what good publicity actually looks like and how involved directors are, as well as several more broad topics such as mental health on film sets, how you can better value and advocate for yourself, and that time Sam produced a Steve McQueen-directed music video for Kanye West…

This is episode 95 of Best Girl Grip.


Show notes