Episode 64: Anu Henriques, Associate Director of Rocks and Founder of Skin Deep

Hello podpals and welcome to Season 3 of Best Girl Grip, I’m very excited to be back with another round of guests who will help guide us through the many different roles in the film industry.

It feels very special to be launching a new series with this week’s guest, because it has been a long-time coming and it was an interview that was delayed due to Covid, and that guest is Anu Henriques.

Anu is a development and production assistant at Fable Pictures, whose films include Stan & Ollie and Wild Rose. Their latest production is Rocks, a vibrant and vital film about a teenage girl living in London who is trying to protect her younger brother from the authorities after her Mum disappears. Anu has a credit as an Associate Director on that film, having worked closely with director Sarah Gavron through development, production and post production. 

Alongside her work at Fable, she is also the founder and co-editor-in-chief of Skin Deep, a creative platform that is redefining culture and amplifying voices of colour through discussions of race, politics and activism through print, film and live events.

Anu and I talk who gets to be storytellers, how she formed Skin Deep to probe that question, the organic and collaborative process out of which Rocks was born and the tools she’ll be taking to all her projects having had that experience.

It was a joyous chat, and having seen Rocks and also having followed the press campaign for it quite closely, everyone involved just radiates such pride and enthusiasm for that film. It’s really infectious and the same can be said of the film itself. I would urge you to get out to a cinema and see it while you can.

In the meantime, here’s episode 64 of Best Girl Grip.