Episode 040: Jess Jones, Script Editor & Development Consultant

I am absolutely delighted that my final episode of the year is with Jess Jones, someone who I’m really lucky to call a friend.

I met Jess working at the BFI and I think she has an incredible work ethic and an infectious personality, and it’s been really great watching her soar and have lots of success this year, so I was very excited to be able to hear more about that in this interview.

We cover a lot - from Jess’ initial desire to be an actor to her discovery of development, how and why she left the BFI to become a freelance script editor and development exec and also lots of great general chat about the creative process, such as deadlines, subjectivity, imposter syndrome, burnout, goal-setting - I think its packed full of gems and also Jess has one of the best answers to the myth-busting question I’ve heard doing this podcast.

We also do a quick recap of some of our favourite women-helmed films this year, so listen out for those recommendations.