14 Etienne Stott - Canoe Slalom C-2 Olympic Champion

A London 2012 Olympic Champion is our guest this week.

Etienne Stott won the gold medal in the Canoe Slalom C-2 event along with Tim Baillie.

Clearly very interested in the psychological aspects of sport, Etienne is a fascinating guest on the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’.

The British Olympian talks about how long it takes to become competent and then World-class at a technical sport such as canoeing.

He also discusses how important it is to meet your heroes early and coping with injuries.

Etienne discusses his new partnership with Mark Proctor and his thoughts on the concerns over the water at Rio 2016.

You can follow Etienne on twitter @etiennestott and he has a blog: etiennestottcanoeslalomblog.blogspot.co.uk

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