16 Damien Rider - Paddleboarding World Record Holder

Damien Rider broke three endurance World Records when he paddle boarded 800 kilometres from the Gold Coast to Bondi Beach in Australia.

He did it to raise awareness for his charity ‘Paddle Against Child Abuse’. Damien is this week’s guest on the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’.

The reigning Men’s Health Man of the Year in Australia, Damien talks about pushing yourself beyond the limits, functional training and paddling in shark-infested waters.

He tells Richard how he kept his mind occupied during the paddle and the type of fuel he needed for his body to last 800 kilometres.

Damien’s journey was also made into a documentary on Nat Geo Australia called ‘Heart of the Sea'.

Damien can be followed on Facebook: www.facebook.com/damienriderextreme

You can learn more about ‘Paddle Against Child Abuse’ here: acast.com/privacy