105 Casey FitzRandolph – Speed Skating Olympic Champion

Casey FitzRandolph is the 500 metres Olympic speed skating gold medallist from the 2002 Salt Lake City games. The American broke the Olympic record in the process. 


Casey now works in insurance in his home state of Wisconsin helping companies manage risk. On the Best in the World with Richard Parr podcast Casey explains whether risk is needed to become a champion in sports. He talks about the difficulty of life after sports and what he used from his athletic career to adjust to his life in business.  


Casey talks in depth about his relationship with his father. How his dad motivated him to win as a child and how their relationship changed when Casey began to compete at a World level. 


The American also opens up on why he decided to train with the Canadian team and the lessons he learnt with them. 


To continue to follow Casey’s journey head to Caseyfitz.com


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