104 Tanja Frieden – Snowboard Cross Olympic Champion

Tanja Frieden was in second place in the snowboard cross final at the 2006 Turin Olympics until the leader Lindsey Jacobellis fell in the penultimate jump. Tanja would cross the line first to complete her dream of becoming the Olympic Champion.  


Tanja tells her story on this episode of the Best in the World with Richard Parr. 


Tanja is now a personal development coach for both sports and business people. One of the methods she teaches is Logosynthesis. Tanja explains what it is, how it helped her win her gold medal and how it can help you.  


Tanja tells Richard how her life changed when she became Olympic champion, why she had prepared differently for the 2010 Vancouver games and she talks about the injury she sustained that forced her to miss those Olympics. 


Having represented Norway and Switzerland, Tanja also clears up the inaccuracies on Wikipedia! 


You can learn more about Tanja at Tanjafrieden.ch 


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