99 Casper Steinfath – Stand Up Paddleboarding World Champion

Casper Steinfath grew up in a small fishing town in Denmark afraid to put his head under water. Now he is a four-time World Champion in Stand Up Paddleboarding.  


On this week’s Best in the World with Richard Parr, Casper explains how he got over his fear of water and gives his advice on how anyone can get over their fear.  


Casper talks to Richard about the importance of pushing yourself to your limits but also respecting the water. 


The Danish surfer also discusses goal setting and how he breaks down his goals into incremental steps.  


In February 2017, Casper attempted to paddle 130 kilometres from Denmark to Norway. The SUP star recounts this incredible story on this week’s podcast.    


You can watch Casper’s documentary Standing On Water here: https://www.redbull.tv/video/AP-1N5UP66KH2111/standing-on-water 


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