Introducing Illegal Tender: A new series by Yahoo Finance

Introducing Illegal Tender: A new series by Yahoo Finance. Listen to season one today.


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  1. 00:56Introducing Illegal Tender: A new series by Yahoo FinanceNov 12, 2019
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  6. 19:27Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting Post ShowMay 05, 2019
  7. 34:43Buffett and Munger discuss the Occidental Petroleum deal, explains Berkshire's risk model, details why Tesla insurance won't work, addresses philanthropy, reflects on their relationship, ponder investing and portfolio strategy, and explain the small size of See's Candies.May 05, 2019
  8. 30:11Buffett and Munger share how they think of M&A, explain why Berkshire's growth will slow and stock may underperform, address Nevada utility regulation, reveal the performance of Todd Combs and Ted Weschler, and discuss AmEx's competition.May 05, 2019
  9. 25:55Buffett and Munger discuss the opportunity for Clayton Homes, praise the evolving U.S. economy, address calls for regulating insurance, explain the limited info in disclosures, share thoughts about China, and criticize Brexit.May 05, 2019
  10. 27:54Buffett and Munger explain how to be competitive in investing, address the relevance of ESG, expose the paradox of independent directors, talk about future energy projects, and defend why they don't buy more index funds.May 05, 2019