Why won't you SLEEP?

Sleep is possibly, for many parents, the most contentious and difficult part of having children.

Some say that after having children you never sleep properly again. From infant through toddler stage to the early years they wake you up regularly for feeds or nightmares or illness.Then they become teens and they don't come home when they are supposed to, or do silly things and then as adults you lie awake and worry about how young your parenting errors are probably responsible for the problems they are facing in their lives.

Still... we can't deal with all those issues in one episode.

This week Alex is dealing with his own problems. Mainly getting his twins to sleep through the night.

Alex and his wife Bonnie have checked the twins into a residential sleep treatment centre called Tresillian.

If you live in Australia then you are probably lucky enough to have Medicare that provides free, at point of care access to clinics that help you and your children solve issues, including problems associated with sleep,

In this Episode we join Alex at Tressilian and talk to Fran Chavasse, the senior educator and author of the Tresillian Sleep Book.

Below are links to numerous articles and resources that we think will be useful to anyone struggling with infants who just won't sleep:

A complete list of Sleep clinics in Australia - Residential and Non Residential clinics across the country.

The Sleep Podcast Professor Harriet Hiscock and Associate Professor Emma Sciberras help you identify sleeping problems in your children, from infancy to secondary school, and give you easy to understand steps to improve their sleep cycles and overall health.

Solving Sleep Problems - A comprehensive list of resources for anyone looking to find help for sleep issues for their infant or toddler.

Parent Helplines - A comprehensive list of numbers to call across Australia for help and counselling.

Links and Resources

Lifeline Australia Crisis Support & Suicide Prevention. Call For Immediate Support. Empowering Australians to be Suicide-Free Through Connection, Compassion & Hope.

Call 13 11 14

Lifeline New Zealand Crisis Support & Suicide Prevention. Call For Immediate Support. Empowering Kiwis to be Suicide-Free Through Connection, Compassion & Hope.

Call 0800 543 354

Dads in Distress 1300 853437 or (+61 2) 6652 8113

Panda supports men, women and their families who are suffering from perinatal anxiety or depression. 

Call 1300 726 306

Panda PND Factsheet

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