What to do when your child is sick.

What to do when your child is sick is possibly one of the biggest causes of parental anxiety. 

From coughs and rashes to allergies and bumped heads, it is really difficult to know when we are justified in our concern or when we are just being over anxious. 

Turns out it is actually simple. Trust your gut.. and if you are not sure… go to the doctor. 

This week we talk to Gary Hansford, a dad who has experienced the worst case scenario when his daughter fell ill one night. His story is a cautionary one that  could happen to anyone. Meningococcal disease is a potentially fatal disease that presents with cold like symptoms and is often diagnosed far too late. 

For more information on Meningococcal disease take a look at the following resources:

KnowMeningococcal.com.au - A great source of information and also where you can see Jenna's story.

VaccineHub.org.au - all you need to know about getting vaccinated.

Meningococcal Immunisation Service - Meningococcal vaccines are given as a needle, either on their own or as a combination vaccine. They can be provided by recognised immunisation providers. If you're eligible, you can get the meningococcal vaccine for free under the National Immunisation Program.

We also talk to an emergency doctor about what we should do and how we can make the decision to take our ill little person to see a doctor.

Professor Paul Middleton is a dad who also happens to be an emergency physician. He is on a mission to make sure everyone in Australia is able to perform quality CPR. He is the founder of Take Heart Australia and has written a book for parents called What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick.

Links and Resources

Lifeline Australia Crisis Support & Suicide Prevention. Call For Immediate Support. Empowering Australians to be Suicide-Free Through Connection, Compassion & Hope.

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Lifeline New Zealand Crisis Support & Suicide Prevention. Call For Immediate Support. Empowering Kiwis to be Suicide-Free Through Connection, Compassion & Hope.

Call 0800 543 354

Dads in Distress 1300 853437 or (+61 2) 6652 8113

Panda supports men, women and their families who are suffering from perinatal anxiety or depression. 

Call 1300 726 306

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