Being Dad with Dr Bruce Robinson of The Fathering Project.

Dr Bruce Robinson... He’s the godfather of the Dad help space.  He’s a cancer specialist but has also started a fantastic initiative called

The Fathering Project.. He’s written best-selling books like Daughters and their Dads, Fathering from the Fast Lane.  He wants to educate fathers on how to be better dad’s and he’s been doing it for years now.  He’s a legend when it comes to Dad stuff.

In this chat Bruce talks to Alex about his experience of Being Dad and how he came to start The Fathering Project.

“Our core mission is to inspire and equip fathers and father-figures to be effectively involved with the kids in their lives, and consequently improve outcomes for young people.”

“We seek to encourage and support Dads to be the best they can be.”

Below you will find links to all that he mentioned in todays show:

The Big Push Charity Bike Ride

The Fathering Project Events - what's on over the next few months with the Fathering Project.

Dads Groups - Dads Groups are the Project’s core program and are established within schools and community groups across the country. The groups provide a safe, inclusive and positive environment where father-figures can learn, share, grow and connect with each other, and their kids.

Steve Biddulph  is one of the world’s best known parent educators. A psychologist for 30 years, he is now retired but continues to write and teach. 

Parenting eBooks - All proceeds go to The Fathering Project and continue to support Fathers and Father figures to be more effective and engaged with their kids.

Bruce's Books:

Daughters and their Dads,

Fathering from the Fast Lane

The Blue Book of tips for Fathers and Father Figures.

if you are struggling to cope and need help, take a look at the resources below: 

Lifeline Australia Crisis Support & Suicide Prevention. Call For Immediate Support. Empowering Australians to be Suicide-Free Through Connection, Compassion & Hope.

Call 13 11 14

Dads in Distress Call Dads in Distress 1300 853437 or (+61 2) 6652 8113

Panda supports men, women and their families who are suffering from perinatal anxiety or depression. 

Call 1300 726 306

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