S02/E04: The importance of recycling your jeans

Join us for the fourth episode of Behind the Scenes’ second season and hear why our guest, Ann Runnel from Estonia, created Reverse Resources (RR), a business for tracking and trading textile waste across the whole supply chain. RR’s pioneering approach earned it the 2016 Global Change Award. Ann has also been a member of the Board of the EU Mission "Adaptation to Climate Change".

Ann tells our journalist Jennifer Baker that her interest in textiles was never about the aesthetics or fashion side, but more focused on textile waste, how clothes are produced, and how to improve material flows and achieve a more efficient circular economy – a closed-loop economic model that keeps valuable natural resources in productive use longer. Her business does this by lowering the cost of textile-to-textile recycling.

With her background in economics and eco-innovation, Ann is driven by the quest to run a profitable and efficient circular business globally. Prior to setting up RR, she investigated the impacts of environmental taxes on economic competitiveness in Estonia (TalTech), and helped to implement industrial upcycling for textile waste in Bangladesh (Aus Design).  


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