EPISODE 4: A village on ice

Join us for the fourth episode of our series and discover the journey of scientist Dr Polona Itkin from a small village in Slovenia to an expedition in the Arctic Ocean aboard the ‘Polarstern’ icebreaker ship. She speaks to Jennifer Baker from the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø about her work on snow and ice models based on data collected during her Arctic travels under the EU-funded project DEARice. 

Dr Polona Itkin finished her diploma in geography in Ljubljana and then continued her education in Finland, Russia and Germany before obtaining a PhD in Geosciences in 2014. Her passion is sea ice research, in particular how the sea ice is moving, melting and freezing. She has taken part in several research expeditions to the Arctic Ocean and, as part of the DEARice project, was part of the MOSAiC expedition in 2019/2020, where she led the sea ice and snow team on board the research icebreaker ‘Polarstern’. 

Polona’s primary interest is the role of deformed sea ice on the distribution of snow and ice growth and one of the many results of DEARice and MOSAiC will be a better representation of such processes in climate models.

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