[S6, E41] Reacting To My Drive In The Lotus Eletre & Aston DB12

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This week we are joined by Paul and discuss::

07:00 - Intro

10:58 - Sam talks about his Lotus Eletre experience!

23:46 - Discussing sound systems

25:47 - Tony questions Sam on the Lotus Eletre

28:18 - The sound of the Eletre

31:49 - The new Aston Martin DB12

37:55 - Sam's GT3 is Fixed!

40:40 - Was the F1 Grand Prix a good race?

46:50 - Tony's latest cars in stock

55:46 - Sam is driving the Porsche Spyder RS

1:00:00 - Does Sam love every car he's been in?

1:06:00 - Outro

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