[S6, E36] A £70k Golf, The Electric 5 Series & V8 Range Rovers!

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Tony and I catch up on the world of cars and discuss:

0:00 - Intro

5:14 - Behind the glass first ever press event!

6:50 - Tony vs the Nurburgring

13:10 - Sam's press event in Portugal

16:30 - The difference between a standard porsche and a GT version

19:18 - Sam on the new V8 Range Rover sport

26:48 - Tony nearly crashes in the new RS3 [The Problem with modern safety systems in cars]

29:12 - New Range Rover SV announcement

33:14 - Tony laughs at the price of the limited edition Golf R [333 edition]

36:50 - The new Aston Martin DB12

43:46 - The new BMW I5

46:14 - Tony talks about BMW interiors & price comparison between EVs and ICEs

51:38 - Sam talks about the electric Abarth & the problem with modern EVs

54:48 - Outro [Tony talks about his new 296]

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