[S6, E35] Tell All Q&A! The Truth About UK Car YouTubers!

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Tony and I sit down during a recent road trip to answer your juiciest questions, including:

1:51 - Have all the best cars already been built?

3:30 - What happened between Tony & TGE?

5:19 - What does Tony think of Sam’s past (& present) cars?

6:10 - Will the 992 GT3 RS be considered a future classic?

7:00 - What is Tony & Sam’s celebrity crush

8:33 - Who’s the better YouTuber? Doug Demuro or shmee150?

10:16 - Is it easier to grow a channel in the UK or USA?

11:35 - What car would Tony & Sam choose for their daughters?

13:06 - Are all YouTubers envious of shmee150?

13:17 - Are there any YouTubers you don’t get on with?

15:20 - Why is Tony so out of touch?

16:29 - How do you feel about dealer surveys?

17:26 - Who’s got the best watch collection?

19:50 - Do you prefer Tony or Paul to travel with? (Why is it Paul?)

22:28 - Best (and worst) press launch you’ve been a part of?

26:18 - What is the most overrated current car?

30:20 - Why does Tony never use private registration?

30:46 - Have you or Tony ever bought a car to impress a woman?

33:30 - How much do influencers really make? & Could Sam make enough money without YouTube?

36:14 - Will we be forced to drive automated cars in the future?

37:26 - Is it disingenuous when a YouTuber says they’ve purchased multiple cars, when they’re funded by others?

40:45 - What is the worst car you’ve both experienced?

42:06 - Less power, less weight or More power, more weight?

43:38 - Drive a 360CS for 10 years for free or one hour in an F1 car?

44:26 - Why is Tony getting a 296 GTB instead of a spider?

45:17 - If McLarens weren’t so unreliable would you guys prefer a 765 or a Pista?

46:38 - When are Chinese cars going to surpass German car sales in England?

47:38 - What’s your main source of income?

49:18 - What’s the worst manufacturer event you’ve been to? (YouTuber controversy story)

52:06 - What’s your favourite alcoholic beverage?

53:20 - What’s the worst city you’ve visited?

56:00 - What is enough money for you to retire?

57:00 - Which video on your channel are you most unhappy with?

57:22 - What do you hate and like most about each other?

58:08 - Will you start a series where you and Tony review cars together?

58:36 - From the YouTube crew, who is the most annoying on a road trip and why?

59:19 - Have you ever fallen out with a manufacturer or press office?

59:54 - Does Sam get more or less posh when he’s drunk?

1:00:10 - What do you admire most about each other?

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