[S6, E20] UK Driving Standards & Car Buying Advice

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This week Tony and I discuss:

00:28 I’ve got a Lamborghini for a week… and a hernia.

11:00 We’re getting a 918?

15:50 A Tony rant on UK Drivers

23:45 How am I finding the manual in the GT3

24:21 A Q&A Episode!

24:48 What car should you invest in today?

29:36 Will we ever see 500bhp cars from the top supercar brands again?

31:15 What are our hobbies outside of cars?

37:08 Is the 997 911 the generation the one to buy right now?

38:20 More on synthetic fuels?

39:33 Thoughts on subscription based car options?

42:23 How is dad life going?

44:30 Could I remove the rear wing of the GT3?

45:49 Would we ever do the Gumball Rally?

47:15 Help buying your first Porsche?

48:46 Is starting a YouTube channel worth it?

52:35 The ultimate one car garage!

54:35 Tony reunited with his first Ferrari.

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