[S6, E18] Lamborghini's Aventador Replacement! #CarParkChat

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Welcome to 'Car Park Chat' ... a new format for 2023. We discuss:

00:28 A ‘special’ guest…

01:50 Introducing Car Park Chats!

03:30 Our last car crashes.

15:20 When is out next road trip?

17:30 The new Aventador 👀

27:00 Verstappen a Ferrari driver?

31:40 We all love Tom Cruise

39:00 What happened to Paul’s motorbike life?

41:20 Should we insure cars at list price or market value?

44:03 Where’s Tony’s 296?

44:50 The new Maserati SUV

49:55 Tony is back in an RS6

50:25 What spicy family car should I get?

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