[S6, E15] The Truth About My Trip To Australia... ! (AMG Black Series, SF90 ++)

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We are back for our first episode of 2023... and I have some pretty big news to share...

00:00 - https://masterworks.art/behindtheglass

02:22 - I lied to you. But also an exciting update…

06:06 Tony went to see Santa!🎅🏻

13:40 Upcoming episodes!

14:16 Tony wants the AMG Black Series.

25:40 Driving the SF90 again.

30:40 EVO car of the year!

37:02 Driving a DBX and Urus off road!?

41:33 Being chauffeured in a Mayback.

46:35 BTG is going abroad again?!

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