How I Met The Other UK Car YouTubers

[Bonus Episode] Today I answer a question that I seem to get asked all the time... how did I meet the other UK car YouTubers. For 4 or 5 years now, we have appeared in each others videos, gone on trips together, promoted each other on social media and worked on campaigns together, but how did we actually meet?

02:17 - Which YouTuber Did I Meet First?

04:30 - How I Met Seb Delanney

08:00 - How I Met Shmee150

09:20 - How I Met Supercars of London (and TGE)

12:50 - How I Met MrJWW

13:55 - The 'OG YouTube Crew'

17:00 - When Things Changed

18:25 - Archie Hamilton, Emma Walsh, TGE, Sam Moores

20:00 - Are We Actually Friends?


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