[S4, E27] EV Special: Is The World REALLY Ready To Go Electric?

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This week Tony and I are joined by Sam Clarke from GridServe to do a deep dive on the world of electric vehicles and more importantly, the infrastructure around them. Here's what we discussed:

0:00 - Intro

0:45 - Introducing Our Guest

04:00 - Why Are We Doing An EV Special?

05:00 - Sam ‘Ruins’ Tony

06:00 - Is The National Grid Going To Fry?

10:30 - The “Problem" With Electric Cars

15:00 - The EV Barrier To Entry

18:00 - Is Charging Getting More Expensive?

23:30 - Can The Infrastructure Keep Up With Demand?

27:00 - Why Is Charging So Complicated?

28:15 - https://www.coincorner.com/stg

35:00 - Are Teslas Still The Best?

38:30 - Battery Life

41:30 - Used or Second Hand EVs

45:30 - The Cost Of Owning An EV

52:30 - Are EVs Really Environmentally Friendly

56:00 - Summary & Patreon Questions

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