[S3, E7] Tony Ordered A Koenigsegg Gemera! 'Geneva' Special

This week Tony and I are joined by Paul Wallace from Supercars of London to analyse the news cars that were supposed to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show.

If you were unaware, the Motor Show was cancelled this year due to the Coronavirus, meaning manufacturer took to the internet to launch their latest models. These are the cars we discuss:

04:35 - Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA(m)

11:42 - BAC Mono S

13:20 - Bentley Bacalar

17:00 - Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

21:00 - Koenigsegg Gemera

27:09 - McLaren 765LT

36:15 - Morgan Plus Four

38:40 - VW Golf GTi



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