[S3, E4] How To Make Money From YouTube w/ Adnan Ebrahim

This week, Tony and I are joined by Car Throttle founder, Adnan Ebrahim. Whilst most of you might know Alex & Ethan as the 'face' of Car Throttle, Adnan was the brains behind the scenes, building an empire out of nothing and recently selling the business to Dennis Publishing.

Adnan's story is fascinating and provides a great insight in to one of the ways you can make money from social media.

06:17 - Who Is Adnan Ebrahim

08:45 - How Did Car Throttle Start

11:40 - How Did Car Throttle Grow

18:45 - Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

21:30 - How Did Car Throttle Secure Investment

27:30 - Growing the Car Throttle Empire

30:00 - How Did STG & Car Throttle Meet?

32:00 - STG Was Part of the Car Throttle Family

38:00 - Alex Loves Sh*tboxes

43:00 - What Next For Adnan

45:00 - The Pressure of YouTube

51:00 - Should We Be Scared of TikTok

59:30 - Adnan's Nissan GTR



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