[S3, E3] Meet The Shmee150 Of Tyres

This week Tony and I are joined by Jonathan Benson of Tyre Reviews. I've known Benson for about 4 years now and he is Europe's leading tyre tester. A nerdy appreciation for the difference in tyre compounds got him in to a unique line of work and as a result he has driven some very interesting cars... and some very uninteresting cars! Tony and I chat to him about his line of work and his thoughts on the current tyre industry.

03:35 - What We Have Been Doing This Week

16:40 - What To Do With My 911

19:35 - Who Is Jonathan Benson

23:00 - What Does It Mean To Be A Tyre Tester

27:00 - Pirelli vs Michelin

34:00 - Budget Tyres

37:30 - Tyre Myth Busting

43:30 - Golf Is Benson Favourite Tyre Testing Car

46:00 - Porsche GT3 RS vs GT2 RS

Hope you enjoy!


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