[S3, E18] The Truth About Our Issues With McLaren

This is it, our long awaited McLaren special. Tony and I talk through our experience with the brand, where it 'went wrong', what Mclaren can do to fix their issues and if we would ever buy McLarens again.

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01:50 - The Behind The Glass Patreon

06:20 - 2021 Geneva Motor Show Cancelled

08:00 - Our First Memories of McLaren

11:30 - The start of the McLaren journey

18:00 - The problems with my 540C

19:30 - Tony's problems with his 570S

22:30 - McLaren's electrical glitches

26:00 - McLaren's brand value

30:00 - McLaren's financial problems

34:00 - How do McLaren fix their issues?

41:00 - What We still love about McLaren


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