[S3, E14] Lamborghini: The Last True Supercar Brand?

This week Tony and I are joined by Paul Wallace from Supercars of London for a Lamborghini special where we end up asking, are Lambo the last true supercar brand?

06:00 - The Most Popular Dream 5 Car Garage

16:45 - Where Did Paul's Lamborghini Story Begin

19:30 - Tony's Lamborghini Story

22:30 - My Lamborghini Story

24:27 - Tony's Performante Fail

26:45 - Dream vs Reality: Lambo Ownership

30:30 - How We Begged Paul To Not Buy A Murcielago

32:00 - What Is The "Lamborghini" Factor

34:30 - The Cliche Lambo Owner

40:30 - Has Tony Ever Enjoyed A Lamborghini

45:20 - Is Lambo's Simplicity Their Biggest Selling Point

47:30 - Are Lambo The Last True Supercar Brand?

51:00 - What Happens If Lambo Loose The V12?

54:00 - When Tony Nearly Bought An Aventador



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