[S3, E11] What Cars Might Become Future Classics?

With the Coronavirus lockdown in place at the time of recording this episode, Tony and I had to resort to speaking to each other via video conference. The recording went by with only one or two small interruptions or technical glitches. We discussed:

03:00 - Tony & Chris Harris

04:00 - What Has Tony Been Doing During Lockdown

06:00 - What Have I Been Doing During Lockdown

08:20 - "Bargain" Supercars

17:22 - What Do We Think About Esports / F1 Esports

25:15 - Car Spotting During Lockdown (DBX & F-Type)

29:45 - Facelift Cars That Were Worse Than The Originals

33:45 - My Next Daily

41:00 - What Cars Might Become Future Classics

48:30 - What Happened To Tony's AMG GTR

Hope you enjoy!


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