[S3, E10] Ferrari Special: Have They Lost It?

Our long awaited Ferrari special is here! Tony and I sit down to discuss whether the Prancing Horse is still at it's best or whether they might have lost their way slightly.

06:30 - Why Is Tony A Ferrari Fan?

09:45 - The First Ferrari Tony Drove

11:00 - Tony’s First Ferrari

12:05 - Why Am I A Ferrari Fan?

14:30 - The First Ferrari I Drove

16:22 - All The Ferraris I Drove During DriveTheWorld

18:00 - Do We Feel Differently About Modern Ferraris

23:00 - Speciale vs Pista

26:00 - Are New Ferraris True Ferraris?

28:54 - Are There Too Many Ferraris?

33:45 - Is The 812 GTS Everything That Is Wrong With Ferrari

40:00 - Mid Engined vs Front Engined

46:00 - Do We Still Love Ferrari



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