[S2, E1] - Will I Show My Girlfriend On YouTube?

Behind The Glass returns!! .... again. It is finally here, season 2. I will admit, I've been a bit useless at keeping up the podcasts this year but #DriveTheWorld (my 12 month round the world trip) has really taken more of my time and energy than I imagined. I am hoping to bring you weekly episodes from the road, recapping the week that has passed, stories that might not have made it to YouTube or my other social media. My girlfriend Viki is taking a producer role to help me get through each episode and this week we discuss;

  • Will My Girlfriend Appear In My Videos?
  • My McLaren 675T drive in Geneva
  • Staying at the Four Seasons in Geneva
  • W Series in Stuttgart
  • AMG & Porsche factory visits
  • Where I Am Headed Next
  • Preparing For the USA



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