[S2, E7] Am I Going To Sell My 911 Carrera T?

We are back! You join Viki and I in Jackson, Wyoming during the US leg of Drive The World. We update you on what we have been up to the last few weeks as well as answering questions you submitted via Instagram:

0:58 - Where Have We Been

14:45 - What Do I Order At Starbucks?

16:05 - How Do I Feel About Missing Press Drives?

18:15 - How Successful Has DriveTheWorld Been?

20:05 - Worst Road We've Driven On?

21:53 - Top 100 UK Influencers

24:45 - Where Is My New Ferrari?

25:50 - How Much Has DriveTheWorld Cost?

29:50 - What's Next?

30:45 - How Do We Manage Work Load?

33:00 - Do I Want To Go Racing?

34:50 - What Happened With Ivan?

35:50 - What Is The 911 T Replacement?

37:00 - Have We Been Pulled Over In The US?

38:55 - Will I Ever Buy A Mercedes?

Hope you enjoy!


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