[S2, E4] I Shouldn't Drink Beer Whilst Podcasting

This week, you join Viki and I in Munich. After a couple of long days on the road, we decided to kick back and relax by having a few drinks whilst recording the podcast. It turns out that isn't a very good idea because I'm a total lightweight!

Amidst the slurring speech, we discus;

04:30 - The New Ferrari SF90

08:40 - Where Have We Been This Week?

09:55 - Our Impressions of Worthersee

16:13 - Answering Your Queries

17:00 - Most Important Things To Pack For A Long Road Trip

19:55 - Switzerland or Italy?

24:05 - Language Problems?

26:00 - Are You Trying To Stick To A Budget?

27:15 - The Credit Card Saving My Life

30:15 - How Do You Plan A Road Trip?

32:22 - Gap Yah Advice

36:05 - Motivation Issues

39:20 - France & Spain Tips

42:50 - Modern Classics Under £40k

Hope you enjoy!


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