How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality with Beatrice Dixon, Founder of The Honey Pot Company

Beatrice Dixon is the Founder of The Honey Pot Company, a plant-based feminine hygiene line created to provide women with healthy alternatives to feminine care.

The Honey Pot Company began with a dream - literally. In 2014, Beatrice was struggling with an ongoing case of bacterial vaginosis. She visited her doctor and tried everything they recommended, but nothing worked. 

One early morning she was visited by her grandmother in a dream. She gave Beatrice a list of ingredients and told her what to do. When Beatrice woke up, she immediately went to whole foods, where she was working at the time, and got the ingredients. Within a few days, the infection was gone. It was at this stage Beatrice started working on Honey Pot and giving away the product to friends and seeing their results. 

Today The Honey Pot Company sells feminine care products nationwide at Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and retailers across the US. Beatrice has been featured on many media outlets including, Today Show, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, ELLE, ESSENCE, and Forbes. 

We’ll hear from Beatrice about starting the world’s first plant-based feminine care company, scaling the business from her kitchen to mass production, advice she has about getting your product into retail outlets, candid thoughts around fundraising, and more. 

*Disclaimer: There is a bit of explicit language in our conversation, so be sure to put in headphones if you’re around kids :)

In this episode, we'll talk to Beatrice about:

* Beatrice’s life before Honey Pot, from pharmacy technician to Whole Foods. [2:36]

* More on her struggle with BV and how the idea for Honey Pot came about. [7:08]

* Why Beatrice doesn’t discount her dreams and takes dream interpretation seriously. [9:20]

* How she engages with her intuition and her gut when making business decisions. [10:45]

* The importance of being engaged in your business without micromanaging. [12:10]

* The value of understanding that every first time founder is “winging it” at first. [13:34]

* Advice for first time founders: be willing to ask questions and do whatever it takes. [16:21]

* When Beatrice realized that she had a viable business idea: from day one! [17:27]

* How she gained traction and brand awareness through the trade show circuit. [21:04]

* How an email from Target changed the trajectory of the brand. [22:40]

* Beatrice shares the process behind pitching to a major market retailer like Target. [24:15]

* Why she recommends presenting a buyer with physical products, not 3D renders. [28:46]

* Learn Beatrice’s hack for getting into retail: how to build a foundational relationship with your first major retailer. [29:50]

* The positive trend in access to capital for women of color entrepreneurs in the US. [33:13]

* Lessons Beatrice learned from the fundraising process, including the power of authenticity. [35:30]

* Why it is important to not only focus on where your business is, but where it’s going. [38:48]

* You can’t raise money until you know what you will do with it; how to know when you’re ready to start fundraising. [39:27]

* Begin with the end in mind; why it’s crucial that you think about your exit strategy. [40:57]

* What wealth means to Beatrice at this stage in her life: simply, happiness. [46:06]

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