807: Brentford Director Discusses Sexism in Football with #HerGameToo - Beesotted Podcast Special Part 2

In Part One of our special #HerGameToo podcast we asked what can we do to try and stamp sexism out of the football? 

A recent Football Supporters Association survey revealed that one in five women suffer unwanted physical attention at football matches. Nearly half the women surveyed were told they knew a lot about football ‘for a woman’. And the survey noted that less than one in twenty women would accept sexism as part of the matchday experience as opposed to over twice as many six years ago. 

Caz May (@CazJMay) and Vic Wood (@Victoria1867) from Her Game Too  and Ali Mullalley (@alimullaley) from the Beesotted podcast discussed with Billy Grant  (@Billythebee99)  their views on how we can stamp out sexism in football whilst also educating and advising on how to create welcome spaces for women in and around football matches. 

Clare, Nevaeh, Natalie, Ann, Becka, Holly and Sam share their experiences of being a women in and around football. 

Plus Sally Stephens - Brentford’s Fan and Community Engagement Director - sheds some light on how Brentford have been tackling diversity - creating an environment to make women feel more comfortable at games. And we talk to football supports up and down the country about their experiences as a women supporting their club

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