039: The Lasso

Overjoyed to bring you my next guest this week, The Lasso! Of course we dive into his life, moving 1400 miles away from his hometown and starting fresh in a new area and how those events led to him working with Lando Chill. However, we also talk about the new album he has with Chris Orrick, “I Read That I Was Dead". You see, Cryptozoologist Chris Orrick died last March. The Detroit vocalist with the same name woke up and read the news of his namesake’s death. This sparked a journey into a subculture of folklore and undiscovered cryptid species. That seed grew over the months into a dark, industrial, and abstract record. Turns out, The Lasso and Chris live only a few miles from each other and seemed like a unique pairing. The entire album was recorded entirely at The Lasso's MI studio. Now that’s what you call a Bedroom Beethoven.

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