On Sustainable Beauty, with Face Halo Founder Lizzy Pike

In today's second bonus episode in this series in which I’m highlighting some incredible brand stories and talking to the people behind it all to find out just how they did it, I’m joined by Lizzie Pike, the co-founder of Face Halo. Since launching in 2017, Face Halo has replaced around 370 million wipes in the UK, saving over a billion makeup wipes from ending up in landfill sites globally. 

Now, Face Halo want to close the loop, and are asking those who’ve got Face Halos which have reached the end of their life (which is after around 200 wash cycles, FYI) to send them back in so they can be upcycled to make clothing, which you can buy on the Face Halo website. This range, called Modern Merch, comprises buttery soft tracksuits, cleverly-designed t-shirts, and some other bits.

In today’s episode Lizzie explains how she went from air stewardess to mum to being at the helm of a global beauty business, and how she prioritises her time and energy, as well as sharing some wisdom which might hit home if you’re listening with a fantastic business idea jotted down on a napkin somewhere.

This episode is sponsored by Face Halo.

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