Kylie Minogue

The word legendary is bandied around a lot, but I think it's safe to say that Kylie Minogue absolutely warrants legendary status. And Glastonbury clearly agrees: at this year's festival, she'll be headlining the 'legends' slot.

It comes after a particularly successful year in the pop star's career: her fourteenth studio album, Golden, received critical acclaim, and Kylie's ever-ardent fans loved the personal, Nashville-recorded songs.

Which brings me to, well, me. I am a Kylie fan. Of epic proportions - she has provided the soundtrack to my life and has inspired me with her quiet grace and inner determination to remain resilient after many of life's wobbles.

I was therefore extremely excited/nervous when she agreed to this interview but I quite genuinely couldn't have hoped for more - Kylie was funny, bursting with character, and extremely considered and kind.

I know it's generally considered to be poor form for an interviewer to insert themselves into the narrative, but I just wanted to offer an insight into my fandom as I think it's important to mention given that I'm clearly a bit giddy throughout and ask Kylie a fair amount of questions my friend Oliver and I have been desperate to ask her for years as an audience with Kylie is a rare thing and the opportunity may never again present itself.

We talk about perms, work ethic, holding onto sanity when living a busy life, where Kylie likes to eat in London, how she kicks back on a Sunday, and the look she'd choose to inhabit from her archive. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Products Kylie mentions include:

- The Organic Pharmacy Rose Diamond Face Cream

- Bose Noise-Cancelling Earphones

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