Hitching a lift to the bottom of the world

Welcome to the third series of the BBC Earth Podcast. This time, we’re taking you behind the scenes and sharing untold stories from our latest landmark series, Seven Worlds One Planet, from the perspective of camera crew, producers, researchers and scientists alike. Alongside these stories, you’ll hear tales from people all over the planet, exploring the huge array of environments on our planet, from the beauty of vast sand dunes to the eerie deep sea floor; unveiling the harsh reality of disappearing species and miraculous rediscoveries of animals thought to be nearing extinction.

In this first episode we hear about the dramatic journey the crew of Seven Worlds One Planet took to reach Antarctica, from Executive Producer Jonny Keeling. They travelled through hell and (very) high waters to film leopard seals hunting penguins for five weeks and it was no mean feat. If you've ever wondered who is responsible for naming newly discovered species - look no further; Quentin Wheeler lets us into the world of taxonomy and he's got some words of warning concerning the disappearance of many thousands of species. You'll also hear the story of the couple who lost everything... and the 600 mile walk that gave them their life back, as well as the re-wilding of a bog land in Hawaii which was taken over by invasive species as a result of human activity.

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