Sound Escape 89: the simple tonic of a stream flowing through an autumn woodland

To be in an autumn woodland after rain is a tonic for a great many ills. Perhaps it’s the simple joy of the leaves so lustrous with rainwater, or the way the mosses swell like lungs. Or the maybe it’s the scent of the Earth – of leaf litter and microbes and fruiting fungi – that seems to connect the ground with the air, and thus you with all of it. It’s certain that the streams appear contented.

A short walk through woodland brings you to a small waterway, where you pause for a while and breathe it all in.

BBC Countryfile Magazine's Sound Escapes are a weekly audio postcard from the countryside to help you relax and transport you somewhere beautiful, wherever you happen to be.

Recorded by Daniel Graham, presented by Hannah Tribe. Image from Getty.

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