165. Wandering among wildflowers with botanist Leif Bersweden

Welcome to a new season of mindful escapes into the green outdoors in search of wildlife and wild people. As well as heading out into beautiful landscapes as autumn stretches into winter, we’ll be enjoying some episodes that the team and I recorded over the spring and summer – so expect some soothing escapism at this dark time of the year.

Our first episode is one such adventure. Plodcast regular Annabel Ross heads to a fabulous meadow in Oxfordshire with a remarkable young botanist Leif Bersweden to meet some of the wildflowers and talk about the importance of allowing more nature into our lives. Listen on for an absolute treat. Image by Trevor Ray Hart.

Leif's new book is called Where the wildflowers grow: my botanical journey through Britain and Ireland – Hodder and Stoughton

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