157. Wander among butterflies and birdsong on a wildlife-friendly farm

Is it possible to farm profitably and have abundant wildlife on your land? George and Elaine Morris take us on a tour of their mixed farm in Buckinghamshire where they raise cattle, Wiltshire horned sheep as well as oats and barley but where over 10 per cent of the land is devoted to wildflowers, insects, birds and other creatures. Due to a deal with Jordans Cereals, the Morris's are, essentially, paid to farm wildlife, too.

Does it work? Listen on for a magical insight into how our farmland should look – and sound!

The Jordans Farm Partnership (JFP) represents a coming together of specialists to create a holistic model for long term farm sustainability. Within the partnership, the Wildlife Trusts help create bespoke farm wildlife plans & consumer understanding and LEAF bring a whole-farm sustainability approach, supporting the integration of business planning and delivery of environmental benefits with farmers.

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