Episode 7 – create a flying-fox habitat in a different location

Building a new habitat is great for the environment, and this site is a good distance away from humans so hopefully they’ll stay around here. The only thing is… flying-foxes like to roost pretty high up in the canopy of trees. It might take up to 20 years to get to a size which will entice the flying-foxes. This doesn’t really help Sam and their neighbourhood right now. And they’re at breaking point. 

Okay so maybe creating a new habitat for the flying-foxes wasn’t quite the right first choice in this instance. It’s a great idea and comes with so many positives but maybe this is a step to take further down the track. We really need to improve the situation for Sam and her neighbours as soon as possible. Why don’t you have another go?

If you’d like to try the dispersal method, go to episode 5.

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And if you think education will solve the problem, scroll down to episode 8.

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