Episode 14

Pop quiz questions

1. What are two other common names for flying-foxes? 

2. What’s the words for flying-fox in Kabi Kabi and Jinibara language?

3. What’s the name of an area on the Sunshine Coast which means Place of the flying-fox?

4. What are three things about flying-foxes which can make them difficult neighbours? 

5. What are the two main roles flying-foxes play in nature or the eco-system? 

6. How many seeds can one flying-fox disperse over a single night? 

7. How far can a flying-fox fly in one night searching for food? 

8. What does the dispersal method involve? 

9. Why are flying-foxes living increasingly closer to houses? 

10. What are three positives of creating a buffer to separate flying-foxes and people?

11. If you find a sick or injured flying-fox, what should you do? 

For the answers, go to episode 15.

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