Episode 11

So we’ve created the buffer and that’s definitely improved the situation. And as it was only 30 Batty Bucks, it means we still have money left in the budget… Now you want to do some Education which only costs 15 Batty Bucks. We’ll have to organise some school talks, do some interviews on radio, television, share resources online, create video content, maybe start up a podcast – let’s get the word out about why flying-foxes are so important – stat!

As Sam and other members of the community learnt more about flying-foxes you created a sense of empathy. And although it hasn’t removed the situation it has defused it a little. 

Because you’ve only spent 55 Batty Bucks, you can afford to create a new habitat – which will hopefully make the situation better in the future. So let’s cracking, head to episode 13.

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