Brian Swan and the One Method to Have the Perfect Day Every Day

We all have an expiration date. 

Are you making sure you are doing ALL THE THINGS you want to do before your time comes? Or are you leaving them for later?


Brian Swan (@unstoppablesurfer) is the co-founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency & founder of Unstoppable Beard. He went from being a robotics engineer to becoming a semi-pro surfer & online entrepreneur. 

His Unstoppable Family became the 1st digital nomadic family & has created multiple successful businesses online from E-commerce, consulting, marketing. branding & PR. 

This has allowed him to become an expert in BRANDING and MARKETING and he taught ME more than a few things during this episode! 

After reaching corporate success and at the very peak of their corporate careers, Brian and his wife Rhonda (@rhondaswan) realized they wanted to live life to the fullest. After a HUGE financial setback, they decided to grab their suitcases and travel around the world… it’s been 12 YEARS and they’re still at it!

Brian is a big proponent of bringing happiness to your life RIGHT NOW, and in this episode, he provides strategies that you can IMPLEMENT TODAY to start creating the life you really want. 

Brian shares his ONE EXERCISE to create the perfect day every day! Plus, he explains the S.U.R.F. method that has allowed him to reach balance in his life. It allows him to GET ORGANIZED and have time for himself, his work, and his family. 

In S.U.R.F., S stands for Set up your day for success; U for uncover, discover, declare; R for revenue-generating activities, and F for family and friends. He goes in-depth into each of these aspects of his day and it is SO EASY to implement this method in your life. You won’t regret it!

Brian emphasizes the fact that changing your life is simply A DECISION you have to make. Ask yourself: “if I knew I was going to die in six months, what would I be doing right now?”

If the answer is not a resounding: “exactly what I’m doing!!!”, then what are you waiting for? IT’S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!

Brian also talks about how he and his wife have built six-figure businesses, and how they have empowered their 13-YEAR-OLD daughter to do the same! 

Hanalei (@hanaleiswan) is a fashion designer and an entrepreneur thanks to a simple question they asked her when she was just a child. “What if you could be who you want to be when you grow up RIGHT NOW?”

Are YOU who you want to be?

If you are ready to bring happiness into your life TODAY don’t wait another second. TUNE IN! 

Key points 

  • (00:00): Welcome to Barrels and Business!
  • (01:35): Jade’s and Brian’s experiences surfing in Bali.
  • (05:15): The experiences that made Brian and his wife Rhonda change their lives and start traveling around the world.
  • (13:14): How his father’s illness shaped Brian’s perspective of life and his understanding of the world. 
  • (17:38): The “perfect day” exercise as a tool to visualize the future. 
  • (25:41): Old and new techniques useful to become a successful salesperson.  
  • (28:38): Adapting to times of crisis and turning them into opportunities for business growth.
  • (39:22): The importance of paying attention to that gut feeling that warns about the danger ahead. 
  • (46:51): The S.U.R.F. method to create the perfect day, every day. 
  • (56:45): How Brian and Rhonda started their PR firm by leveraging marketing and SEO tools.
  • (01:01:56): The importance of showing up for people and incorporating this as a life value. 
  • (01:04:51): How Brian and Rhonda empowered their daughter Hanalei to start her entrepreneurial life at a young age.
  • (01:09:38): The impact of taking limitations away and giving voice to children as they grow up. 
  • (01:15:29): The power of starting something together with your kids and creating a project. 
  • (01:18:32): Five tips for creating a successful brand.
  • (01:28:43): Visualization exercise

Key takeaways & quotes 

  • The importance of living life right now instead of waiting to do the things that bring you joy in the future.
  • You don’t need to be the smartest person to be a top seller, you just need to learn how to sell and surround yourself with the right people.
  • Understanding what a new member of the team selfishly wants as a tool to create a happy work environment.
  • “It’s our employers before our clients, we’ll fire clients.”
  • Follow your intuition and don’t be scared of pulling the plug when you feel you have to do it.
  • “You have to show up for people before they can show up for you.”
  • “There are things you need to prioritize according to their importance and not their urgency.”
  • “The worst thing is being in your deathbed with your regret.”

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