Sweet Plantain & Super Powers @WSCG

Rebecca Mckean and I were out on a late Sunday afternoon in June at the West Side Community Garden on the Upper West Side of Manhattan -- waiting to listen to Sweet Plantain – a string quartet -- with occasional trombone and mandalino – playing “a complex mix of Latin American music that artfully fuses western classical traditions” – according to the program.  The mic was open to talk with our neighbors about their super powers. After the concert we spoke with Eddie Venegas leader of Sweet Plantain.

So imagine this – the band is a bit late due to traffic and a large crowd is gathers at a favorite neighborhood garden. The children prance on the lawn anticipating a dance fest -- the birds pumping out their joyful calls --– despite the dire state of the world –  the air most comfortable – and you are amongst some of the friendliest people you could ever meet.

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