Ronald Guttman in Camus' "The Fall"

BCR hosts Rebecca and Alan spoke with actor Ronald Guttman after his one-actor performance in the play based on Camus' The Fall" at the Soho Playhouse bar. Matt -- the bartender -- talks about The Huron Club Bar [THC] -- which was also the set for the play and former speakeasy and brothel for Tammany Hall. THC Bar is an appropriate setting for Camus' final work -- "The Fall" (1956) -- which takes place at a "sailor's bar" in Amsterdam named renamed "Mexico City." Mr. Guttman talks about being up-close-and-personal with his audience as he roams through the audience as Jean Baptiste Clamence -- formerly a most successful attorney -- and now "judge-penitent. This is a play most appropriate for a time in need to self inspection.

"The Fall" plays until mid November, 2022 at the Soho Playhouse in Manhattan.

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