Opening UWS Streets to the arts and hula hoops

Once again BCR recorded on an UWS street; this time we were set up in front of the stoop where Humphrey Bogart played stickball as a kid -- W. 103rd Street -- just down from Broadway. It was an "Earth Day Celebration" organized by Lisa Orman of StreetopiaUWS. While musicians from the MET Orchestra performed, Jody Sperling's Time Lapse Dance gamboled, and the kids rolled hula hoops into our mics, we spoke with long time proponents of the open streets initiative -- including -- Henry Rinehart: former owner of the fantastically popular HENRY’s Restaurant / Jody Sperling / Robin Schatell a founder and director of Open Culture WORKS / Ken Coughlin a safe streets advocate and member of Community Board 7 / Mark Gorton founder of Open Plans, the non-profit home of Streetsblog, Streetfilms and Streetopia UWS / Sara Lind: a candidate for City Council in District 6 and a member of Community Board 7 / and, Christina Weyl a resident of West End Avenue and active supporter of the WEA Open Streets.  

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