Lincoln Mitchell & Corey Busch & SF Giants & SF

If you are a baseball fan -- a Giants fan -- a fan of San Francisco -- this BCR episode is for you. It opens with Ron Fairly of KNBR calling the back to back home runs of Candy Maldonado and Will Clark in the 1987 game between the Houston Astro and the San Francisco Giants. The Giants would give up the National League Pennant to St Louis – and not win the World Series until 2010 against the Texas Rangers – 56 years after their last series win. We talked with Lincoln Mitchell whose newest book looks back at the Giants baseball team of 1976 to 1992 -- “The Giants and their City”  It was a period when the city of San Francisco was going through hard times – and their baseball team tended to lose.  Joining us from California on Zoom was Corey Busch who worked in the office of George Moscone when the mayor was assassinated in 1978. Mr. Busch then joined the Giants front office back when the team was owned by Bob Lurie.  The conversation ends with Corey's experience of the 1989 World Series earthquake at Candlestick Park. Baseball fans -- do not miss this one!

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