ChatGPT with Adam Scott Wandt

Adam Scott Wandt joined this Bar Crawl Radio conversation to talk about ChatGPT but we got to a whole lot more -- exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence [AI] as it exists today and into the future. Prof. Wandt of John Jay College of Criminal Justice is the Vice Chair for Technology of the Department of Public Management. His main interest is in technology and law and has worked with the FBI, The National Institute of Justice, Interpol, the United Nations, and the U.S. Bureau of Justice. Our conversation took us on a wild ride through the beauty and dangers of Bing's innovative large language bot that chats and the near-time introduction of self-driving cars that talk to us. So hang on -- this is a bumpy ride. We recorded on the Porch at Gebhards Beer Culture Bar on the UWS of Manhattan.

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